Apple Lightmac Concept By Tomas Moyano

Industrial designer Tomas Moyano has developed a concept that looks forward to the future of Apple in 2025. But is the technology that far off??

The Lightmac consists of a central component running an i9 processor with 16GB of RAM and boasts a 24-hour battery life. This works in sync with two projector modules via Bluetooth 6.0.

The projector modules which have a predicted 12 hour battery life can be placed at different distances allowing the user to expend or reduce their screen size.

A wireless keyboard can be incorporated, if you want to add to the touch capabilities of the projected touchscreen.

With recent reports of Apple’s $18bn quarterly profit, I’m expecting big things to come from the tech giant in the next couple of years let alone in 10 years time.

Check out more of Moyano’s work here.

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