Neeo Smart Remote

Neeo is an automated smart remote that lets you take control of all your wireless devices from one place. It has been fully funded more than 10 times over via Kickstarter with another 2 weeks of their campaign to go.

The remote can connect almost any device (currently over 30,000) with Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.

The aluminium bodied brain centre, reminiscent of Apple product styling, sends and receives command signals to and from your devices.

The designers have incorporated a crystal clear 291ppi display screen in the top half of the remote which out performs the resolution of Apple’s new Retina iPad. The screen allows the user to select devices and apps installed on the remote while a limited selection of physical buttons give you tactile control over frequented functions.

It has palm recognition similar to the fingerprint readers you see in todays smart phones, allowing different users to have a remote tailored to their specific needs. If you lose it?? – like we all do with remotes; just open the free app available on both Android and IOS devices and activate the audible SOS signal.




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