Apartment House By Braun & Guth Architekten & DYNAMO studio

The original neoclassical house was built in the 1860’s but was aggressively extended following the Second World War losing much of its original beauty.

Braun & Guth Architekten were approached by the new owners of the property who valued the remaining traces of the original building. They wanted a renovation and conversion that would compliment the original details with warm and contemporary design.

The key objected was to create a united form blending the new with the old rather than creating contrasts between the two.

A new sandstone facade was designed by DYNAMO studio who converted floral image motifs into dotted grid patterns using a specially designed computer programme. Accents of these patterns can be found behind the large oak shutters that cover each window opening and the ground floor facade.

A large double height glass atrium has been inserted at the rear of the building, which opens out to the garden.

The interior design applies a rigorous choice of limited materials in order to harmonise the elements of the old with the insertion of the new.

For more of their work see Braun & Guth Architekten & DYNAMO studio

Photography By © Peter Wünstel

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